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- Power: 350 (w)

- Refrigerant: R290 Ecological

- Weight: 25 (kg)

- Power supply: 230/50/1 (V/Hz/F)

- Dimensions: 21.5x60x75 (cm)

- Tank capacity: 1 x 12 (litres)

- Cooling: air

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- Independent control and cooling system for each of the tanks: each container controlled separately.

- Adjust the degree of frozen mix by changing the range of density and consistency.

- Function of washing, freezing and cooling, as well as idle mode (stop).

- The machine is equipped with an innovative electronic thermostat, which displays the current temperature of the frost mixture in each of the tanks

- Information displayed on the screen: temperature in each of the tanks, selected operating mode and current time.

- One piece touch system (Push & Pull).

- Control: touch panel, easy to use.

- The asymmetrical shape of the tank provides better mixing and optimal consistency, and also prevents the formation of ice crystals, creating an ideal consistency.

- A drip tray with an indicator that shows the degree of filling. The level indicator warns when you need to empty the channel. This prevents spillage and cleanup.


- Standby mode, overnight maintenance: ability to leave the mix overnight in the tank.

- Maintenance mode allows you to increase production.


  The most compact professional granite on the market:

- The V-Air smart granite machine offers maximum innovation in the smallest workspace and provides the original and modern appearance of the case, adapting to each

  gastronomic point.

   Vertical V-Air Cooling Technology:

- Fresh air is sucked in under the machine and rises, exiting through the rear ventilation holes. Heat is not collected around the machine.

- Much higher performance compared to standard cooling. Minimum space and maximum performance. The vertical ventilation system together with small dimensions

  allows you to make maximum use of the available space.

   Construction saving a place in the facilities:

- Thanks to vertical ventilation, V-Air granitors are the only ones in the world that can be installed anywhere without maintaining a distance between the devices.

- Granitors also work easily up to the wall and in all places with a limited surface.

  30% less electricity consumption:

- The ecological refrigerant R290 and the advanced electronic control in combination with an efficient cooling system provide a machine with an efficiency optimal and

  low energy consumption

   Innovative digital display:

- Intuitive control with a few buttons on the screen. The display shows the current beverage temperature and the operating mode of the selected device.

- Simple, readable and convenient to use.

  24/7 automatic operating mode:

- The V-Air model has the ability to automate the production process.

- The Granitor can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times, and at the end of the day it automatically goes into night mode.

  Easy access to the mesh filter:

- The air filter is located under the housing, simply pull the filter forward to keep it clean.

- Regular cleaning guarantees greater efficiency, lifespan and electricity savings during operation.

  Perfect tank sealing:

- The rear seal is easily mounted on the tank before it is installed on the machine.

- The solution not only saves time during the assembly process, but also provides a better seal and prevents leaks.

  Protection of electronics against flooding:

- If the granite spills from the tank or the seal, the liquid will be transferred to the drip channel through the inner tube, which guarantees maximum safety and avoids the

  risk of failure of electrical elements due to flooding.

  One Piece Push and Pull Touch Ups:

- Installation and removal of the handle are quick and do not require the use of tools.

- The solution is easy to use and easy to clean. Save time, avoiding dismantling all the cleaning elements.

- An additional advantage of this system is the precise dose and drink by part of the cup in two different ways (forward and backward)

  Uniqueness and Versatility:

- Machines capable of adapting to current trends and new products.

- Granitors attract the eyes of the customer and increase the value of the product perceived by consumers.

- The lack of distance between machines allows you to create large projects and offer various products from one place. V-Air shortens labor time and helps focus on what

  is really important to the customer.