- Power: 2 HP to 380v III
- Dimensions: 100 CMS diameter
- 150 cm diameter sieve

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- Our INDUSTRIAL VIBRATORY TAMPERING machines for the sieving of tiger nut horchata are very compact, autonomous and silent machines, specially designed for the

  separation of the horchata comb from a quick way, without the need to add water during sieving.

- They perform a vibrant movement, both horizontally and vertically, by means of rocking movements, by combining the characteristics of the vibratory and rotary sieving


- The feeding of the sifters must be done through the sieve center by means of a sanitary electric pump, which will suck it from the tank that will be located under the outlet

  pipe of the CONTINUOUS PRESS, leaving the sifted horchata through the lower discharge mouth and the comb. through the mouth of superior rejection, this harinilla falling to

  the loading hopper of the CONTINUOUS PRESS for its re-pressing and use.

- Easy to regulate the intensity of vibration, both horizontal and vertical.

- They are completely built in AISI 304 Stainless Steel with mirror polished finish, both inside and outside.

- Its modern design allows to disassemble and assemble them in a few minutes, as well as to facilitate its perfect cleaning

- The base of the machines is totally isolated from the vibratory assembly by means of springs, not transmitting any vibration, also having special rubber supports.

- The machines are delivered ready for immediate operation, being essential the use of a sanitary electric pump.